Monday, September 26, 2011

Word has it...

...that White Wall Review #35 is out! Officially launching in November, this fine magazine - published by Ryerson University's English Department - turned up at a Word on the Street booth in Queen's Park (Toronto) this weekend, and it features lots of great poetry and fiction, plus my story "Bondo," on page 12. Ask your local (independent!) bookstore when it's coming in!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two more new stories, from Projections!

My first short fiction collection, Projections, is on a roll - and it's not even finished yet.

First, two weeks ago, indie Toronto online Wooden Rocket Press accepted "Ode," to its Sunday Paper feature, in which a four-part story is serialized every Sunday morning for a month. Part One of "Ode" goes live Sunday, October 2

And then, this week, The Prairie Journal (Calgary) accepted "Big Man." More details to follow as to when this will hit your local (independent!) bookstore.

Six of Projections's 13 stories have now found homes in Canadian litmags, which leads to one question: when the hell will the whole book be done? I have my sights set on a manuscript contest that closes December 31 - my birthday - and I can't imagine a better gift than my first book, sealed and sent off. That'll be a party.

More info on my new publications - and with any luck, some more good news - will be along soon. Like my Facebook page for updates, as well as cool links and, at the start of next month, another round of my quarterly book reviews. Thanks again for reading!