Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two Great Events

If you're a young writer in Toronto, like me, you'll want to stick close to the Rivoli this month.

April 15
Book Launch
The Monkeyface Chronicles, by Richard Scarsbrook

Award-winning novelist and writing teacher extraordinaire Richard Scarsbrook launches his fourth book tonight. Entry is $15 and includes a copy. Great writer, great guy, this will be a great time.

April 28
Book Launch
Writing Without Direction (Clark-Nova Books)

The collection is subtitled "Ten and a Half Short Stories by Canadian Authors Under Thirty", and I can personally endorse twenty and a half per cent of the work: Matt Loney and Chad Nevett are both former colleagues of mine from my student theatre days at UWO. This strikes me as a great place to meet writers at similar points in their careers, and take note: submissions for this collection opened June 1, 2009. If this volume succeeds, maybe you and I both will have a chance to submit to Volume 2!

Welcome... Daniel Perry Fiction, the official blog of... me, Daniel Perry, Canadian writer of fiction. Here you will find various dispatches about my fledgling writing career.

As an undergraduate, I published two poems, "A Winter's Morning Sun" in Grubstreet (2003), and "La Bonne Voix" in Propaganda (2005). My BA is in English and French, and my MA is in Comparative Literature, but aside from these two, short works, little to nothing has found its way out.

I used to write, in high school, but never like this. It's something I've always known was inside of me, but I think I may just have needed to live a little before I understood how (and perhaps more importantly, why) I might just want to let it out. It was Saturday in August (2009) when I woke up and said "Quit lying to yourself, you're a writer, just go take some courses". I haven't looked back.

The public isn't reading my work just yet, but with my second continuing education course winding down, I've received some great news: my first short story, "The Expiry Dates", was shortlisted in the 2010 SLS Unified Literary Contest ( judged by Mary Gaitskill ( There were 1,200 total entries (fiction and poetry), and I was in the top 50. An encouraging start!

At the moment I am trying to place three others, but as they're all currently in contests where they're being judged blindly, that's all I can say for now. I hope to be able to reveal their titles alongside some good news. Thanks for reading!