Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two Great Events

If you're a young writer in Toronto, like me, you'll want to stick close to the Rivoli this month.

April 15
Book Launch
The Monkeyface Chronicles, by Richard Scarsbrook

Award-winning novelist and writing teacher extraordinaire Richard Scarsbrook launches his fourth book tonight. Entry is $15 and includes a copy. Great writer, great guy, this will be a great time.

April 28
Book Launch
Writing Without Direction (Clark-Nova Books)

The collection is subtitled "Ten and a Half Short Stories by Canadian Authors Under Thirty", and I can personally endorse twenty and a half per cent of the work: Matt Loney and Chad Nevett are both former colleagues of mine from my student theatre days at UWO. This strikes me as a great place to meet writers at similar points in their careers, and take note: submissions for this collection opened June 1, 2009. If this volume succeeds, maybe you and I both will have a chance to submit to Volume 2!

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