Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New story, "Bondo," to appear in White Wall Review

Thanks, White Wall Review, for taking on "Bondo," one of my favourites among the stories I've written.

This, (for me, anyway), is a big one. I've been revising this story for a year exactly, and it's come close a few times. I don't think it would have ever seen the light of day without the feedback I received from Aspen Gainer (Other Voices) and Matthew Firth (Front & Centre), or even the recent encouragement I took from Julie McArthur's mention of those stories you refuse to give up on. Thanks also to first readers Marshall Bellamy, Marcin Mokrzewski, Eric Johanssen, and of course, to my amazing girlfriend Sidonie Wybourn, whose improv chops have taught me a ton about "raising the stakes" in a scene, and whose support for me and my work is unflagging.

Thanks also to you, for reading my work and my website. The issue's set to come out in November, 2011.

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