Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Comets" now available online!

Great news to come home from Lithuania to: my newest published short story, Comets, is live now, in super-cool Toronto online The Broken City. I'm on Page Four. Click here to read!

Also, I'm using my Facebook page more and more often, sharing not just my own writing updates but fun links, friends' work and more. You should join! Click here, and then, click Like, to stay in the loop!

Still to come this fall: new stories in The Nashwaak Review, White Wall Review and echolocation. A handful more are finished and circulating, which means my book, Projections, is almost done, too(!).

And finally: Vilnius, Lithuania is a place everyone should visit. It's expensive to get there but affordable to live in, and the young people are fantastic (and generally, speak English, to the detriment of my flailing attempts to learn Lithuanian). Thank you to all the new friends at SLS for a great program, including workshops and other literary/cultural events, and for the inspiration and encouragement that naturally comes from being surrounded by other writers, at all levels of their careers. I did my first public reading (still hunting for pictures), and I came home with that story finished (it's called "Hamburger"), another one on the brain (wrote it Saturday and Sunday, called "Chaser"), and a poem that's called "Spiders," for now. It's the first poem I've written since undergrad! For the moment, I'm e-workshopping it with peers, and hoping something great will come of it.

This and many more updates are on the way this fall, it's going to be a busy one! Thanks again for reading!

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