Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall update: PUBLISHED!

Great news: my short story "Aria di Gelato" will be appearing in The Nashwaak Review. Stay tuned to Daniel Perry Fiction for details - let's sell enough copies to make them publish me again!

In other news, another story that will remain nameless for the moment (in case reporting its rejections makes other magazines not want to run it), was almost published twice this summer. Once, it was very well liked by the Editor-in-Chief only to be summarily dismissed by the guest editor (I won't name names), and the second time, it was "shortlisted for publication," which I take to mean that it was a fallback in case what they really wanted had already been picked up elsewhere.

Not to worry, though. This first credit is such a shot in the arm, I'm on cloud nine.

As far as the actual creation of new work goes, the word I suppose is steady. I have the bare bones of a short story collection assembled (first drafts finished early Sept.). I was hoping to send the lot of them to the Metcalf-Rooke Award manuscript contest, but that was pure delusion. And, good thing, one more "close the loop" kind of story has since come to mind. I watched movies for about two weeks, but slowly, I'm resuming my work, editing them down to what I hope to be my book.

For the moment, I'm fully aware that I'm shouting in an empty room. As more of my friends (and future readers who are complete strangers?) join though, with a luck we'll start to hear some echoes. Thanks for reading and for the support. We've only just begun.

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